Sunday, December 18, 2011

Swim lessons

The boys continue to take swim lessons, and continue to enjoy them. Yesterday was their last one of this session, they will start again mid-January. They have now had two sessions with what looks like will be their regular swim teacher, it's just the two of them in their lesson and they have really bonded with their teacher and have come to trust her.

They received spiderman swim goggles as a present last spring and they love these goggles for swim class, here they are, in their best spiderman pose:

They, especially Miles, have made excellent progress these past several weeks. Here is a clip of Miles and Quincy from the end of October (sorry about the noise, sometimes it gets loud in the pool area, you will want to turn your volume way down for this first clip) they are doing good:

And Quincy yesterday (you can turn your volume back to normal again):

Miles yesterday (doing great!):


Anonymous said...

grrrrr i still can't see the videos. you guys are so cute and look just like spiderman. wish i could come to a swim lesson and watch you.

love, hugss and kisses...grandma d

Anonymous said...

Wow - this Gramma just got to see the videos, wish I could send them to you Grandma D. you boys are doing incredible
Gramma M

Anonymous said...

Way to go boys!!!!!! Miles you are doing great!!!!
Love you both!
Aunt Kerry